Amai Odayaka is an upcoming rival in Yandere Simulator. She is the second rival and will be the Cooking Club President.


Amai has short brown hair and bangs covering her forehead. She has natural blush and mint green eyes. She wears a mint green handkerchief and the club leader armband with a cupcake on it. She has white and mint green striped stockings, and a mint green apron to match her stockings.


Amai is the president of the school's cooking club. Her culinary skills are far beyond her age, and nothing makes her happier than seeing people enjoy the food that she has prepared.

Amai will be absent from school during the first week of gameplay, but she will meet Senpai at a point in time when Senpai is feeling sad and vulnerable. She will quickly forge a bond with him, during a point in time when Senpai deeply needs a friend.

With her kind and caring nature, it's easy to see how Senpai could easily fall for her within a week's time. If nobody stands in her way, Senpai will belong to her in no time at all. Remember: the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach!


Amai will be kind and caring, like an "Onee-chan", or big sister. She is very good at cooking.


As she is unimplemented, her routine is unknown.



Amai has a crush on Senpai. She will confess her love to him on Friday.


Amai also has a crush on her suitor. Currently, he is not implemented.


  • In one of Druelbozo's streams, he joked the rival's name would be Amai Mafin. However, this was later proved to be half true.