Asu Rito is an upcoming rival and student in Yandere Simulator. She will be the fifth rival in the game and the president of the Sports Club.


Asu has short blonde hair with orange goggles on her head. She has blue eyes and will wear the default school uniform unless customized. She has the armband of leadership and a tied-up yellow jacket around her waist. She has short black socks that turn yellow at the end.


Asu is the president of the school's sports club. She's the top student athlete in the region, and many of her classmates predict that she'll be winning gold medals at the Olympics in a few years.

Asu won't actually appear at school until the fifth week of gameplay, but she will quickly make friends with Senpai. Senpai will be feeling drained after the the last four weeks, and some exercise might be just what he needs to put his mind off of recent events.

Her cheerful and energetic nature makes it very easily for her to make friends - or find her way into someone's heart. Her easygoing attitude and glowing smile might steal Senpai's heart in no time at all...


Asu is a cheerful and energetic person. She is very athletic and easygoing, and has a glowing smile. She will most likely be very kind to others.


As she is unimplemented, Asu does not have a known routine.



Asu will have a crush on Senpai, since she is a rival. She will confess at 6:00PM on Friday during her week.


Asu will also have a crush on her suitor. As she and her suitor are unimplemented, it is unknown who it will be.


  • She will most likely be the most athletic person at school.
  • Asu will have a placeholder club leader in her place.
  • Her name is a play on words, asurito means athletic in Japanese


"Nobody in the Sports Club EVER turns down a challenge! Come on! Let's get started right away! ...Senpai...would you like to go for a run together...? know...just the two of us...?" -Asu in the "Rival Introduction Video".