Hanako Yamada is an upcoming rival and Senpai's younger sister. She will be the 9th rival in the game. She has not been implemented into the game yet.

She is a student at Akademi High. She is one year younger than Senpai, but is two school years behind him. She will remain female, even if there is a female Senpai.


Hanako will wear the default uniform, unless customized.

She will look like a gender-swapped version of Senpai, which means that if Senpai is customized, she would have the same skin and hair color as him. However, Hanako will have a unique hairstyle that no other NPC will have. At one point it was made to look like Midori's original hairstyle, but with more bangs on her face.

Her appearance was changed again. If Senpai is kept as default, Hanako will have black hair and black eyes. The sister now has two pigtails that reach her shoulders, similar to her original design. She has a red heart hairpin on the top right side of her hair. She has fair skin and light grey sneakers. She does not wear any special stockings, and instead just wears short, white socks.


Hanako was originally going to be cute and innocent, but then later changed to lewd, jailbaity and super perverted. Because of these changes, the player would feel less guilty if she was killed.

After that she was changed to extremely clingy, childish, and emotionally dependent on Senpai. She will be a "happy anime girl". She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers.



Along with Osana, she and her brother used to play together when they were little.

She doesn't lust after her brother, she just simply loves her brother to the extent that she does not want him to get a girlfriend. She wants to have all of his attention. She is also extremely clingy, possessive of him, and would never want to leave his side.

If she is killed, Senpai's sanity variable will greatly decrease.

At the end of the sister's week, she will force her brother to agree that he'll never get a girlfriend.

Osana Najimi

Osana, Senpai, and his sister hung out together when they were young.


  • When matchmaking, the player will have to make Hanako love the suitor even more than she loves her own brother.