"I think you might be the right person to give her what she deserves."
- Info-chan to Yandere-chan about her rival
Info-chan is one of the main characters in LoveSick. She is a student currently attending Akademi High School. She is the founder and sole member of the Info Club, where she does her research on her computer.

She serves as Yandere-chan's only sidekick by providing her valuable information and introducing her to rivals in the game. She is more of a gameplay mechanic, so removing her from the game would be equivalent to removing the run button.[1] However, 1980s Mode will be made available to players who wish for a more challenging playthrough, where Info-chan, the Internet and smartphones will not exist.[2]

In the final game, Yandere-chan will not be able to interact with her aside from sending her panty shots, text messages or other social media.[3] It is possible that Yandere-chan may see her briefly at some point in the game.[4]

She was originally planned as the final rival in the game, but this concept was later discarded as of September 2015. Currently, her ultimate goals and motivations in the game are unknown, but YandereDev has stated that "it's a plot twist."[5]



Concept art for a planned event where Info-chan was the final rival. This was later discarded.

First Intro

In the outdated intro, Info-chan sends Yandere-chan a text message to meet her in a dark classroom. Info-chan introduces herself as the president of the Newspaper Club, but the newspaper she produced and distributed last year went almost unnoticed, which saddened her. Info-chan then encourages Yandere-chan to cause havoc in their school by murdering Osana Najimi, and, if possible, a couple of other students. This will benefit them both as nobody will be able to take Senpai away from Yandere-chan, and Info-chan will be able to write more interesting stories and give her future career a good background.

Second Intro

Info-chan texts Yandere-chan like in the first intro, but her intentions and motivations are shadowed. She informs Yandere-chan about Osana Najimi, Senpai's childhood friend, and her plans to confess her love to Senpai. She tells Yandere-chan that if she ever seeks for help, Yandere-chan can text her a panty shot. Info-chan also specifically wants Osana to suffer - this implies that Info-chan has a certain grudge against Osana, although the reason for this is unknown/unstated.


In the first intro, Info-chan had short, red hair that had a style similar to Kuu Dere. She had red, half-lidded eyes that suggest she was up to something and wore thick, red-rimmed glasses. She also wore a wicked grin. She wore the standard seifuku uniform.

In the second intro, Info-chan's hairstyle goes through a makeover and now reaches her shoulders, is quite spiky and has an ahoge on top. She keeps her glasses along with her red eyes. She likely also loses her devious expression, as Yandere-chan doesn't get to see her in the new build.


Not much is known about Info-chan, but that very fact centers around her main trait: she's mysterious. In the current build, she provides no reasons whatsoever for her fraudulent actions, but it's possible she is doing what she does for fun. She has an Evil personality, so she would encourage havoc and crime in the school. A primary example of this is her encouraging Yandere-chan in both intros to cause havoc (although Yandere-chan was twisted enough to think of murdering Osana first in the second intro), and even offers her help with kidnapping, expelling, bullying, framing and murdering students. Like Yandere-chan, she doesn't express remorse towards the consequences of her actions.

In the first intro, Info-chan is ambitious, dedicated, and quite mischievous, but selfish and callous. She, in her own words, poured her own heart and soul into writing the school newspaper. However, she is willing to harm others for her personal gain and even shows amusement at the idea of violence, as shown by her encouraging a reluctant Yandere-chan to murder Osana. he expresses her desire to be a journalist one day, and hones her skills by producing the school newspaper - but her means of improving her career are purely evil.

In the second intro, Info-chan seems more malevolent. She loses her ambitious and dedicated qualities as the Newspaper Club is discarded in the new build; she is presented as a violent character who particularly wants Yandere-chan to make Osana suffer, but her reasons behind this are unknown.


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