Lime Streak (placeholder name) is a female student and a delinquent at Akademi High. As she is not fully implemented, Info-chan can't recognize her.


Lime has short brown hair with lime highlights and darker lime eyes. She wears a light gray mask which she uses to hide her identity. She wears the default uniform regardless of customization. She also holds a baseball bat as her weapon.


Lime has the Delinquents' Persona. When Yandere-chan approaches her, she'll watch her cautiously. If the player gets close to her, she will shove her away. If she attacks her, she will attack Yandere-chan and put her in a coma. If she has a weapon out, she will have a menacing stance, ready to fight.


Currently, she spawns by the outside of the incinerator area at 7:15 AM. She disappears at 8:30 AM and return at 1:15 PM. She disappears again at 1:30 PM, this time for the rest of the day.


Osoro Shidesu

Lime is a crony of Osoro.


  • She was implemented in the March 2nd, 2016 Build.