Osoro Shidesu is an upcoming rival in Yandere Simulator. She will be the eighth rival and the leader of the delinquents.


She wears a torn jacket from the male uniform as a cape, and adhesive bandages on her arms and legs. She has spiky blonde hair with tufts on the top. She has a large, X-shaped scar on her left cheek and light brown eyes. She has pale skin and bandages on her arms.


Osoro is the leader of the school's gang of delinquents. Very little is known about her past, or her goals. She has been known to be violent, so most people tend to stay away from her out of fear.

Osoro will be absent from school for a very long time, and will not make her appearance until the eighth week of gameplay. Against all odds, she will develop a bond with Senpai, who normally keeps his distance from people like Osoro.

Senpai and Osoro are polar opposites - so, what kind of experience could possibly cause them to form a friendship? What does Senpai know about her? What does he see inside of her? And what could stop their friendship from blossoming into something deeper?


Osoro will have the Delinquents' Persona. She will not be an evil character, but she has been suspended from school for something gravely serious. She is the most dangerous girl in the school.


As she is not implemented, the routine is unknown.



In the future, Yandere-chan can matchmake Osoro with her suitor.


As she will be a rival in the future, she will have a crush on him. There will be a reason why she can win Senpai over even though she's a delinquent and will most likely will have a low reputation. YandereDev will not spoil the reason on Twitter.


She will have 10 cronies in total: five girls and five boys.

  • Copper Streak
  • Dandy Pompadour
  • Josuke Pompadour
  • Lime Streak
  • Purple Streak
  • Red Streak
  • Spiky Pompadour
  • Tall Pompadour
  • Teal Streak
  • Triangle Pompadour


  • She is the strongest student in the school.
  • Originally, she wasn't going to be a rival, as Info-chan would be the last rival, removing her from the list; This idea was scrapped.